Monday, July 26, 2010

summer lovin...♡

...short skirts and hot shorts. 

images: lookbook


  1. I like the new spread. However, the last five photographs feel very early fall (late september/ early october). Not summer. Here we see: shorts and tights, jackets, fishnets and suede shoe boots. There is also some work that feels inconsistent. The girl by the bridge feels too European for a vintage American look. Also, the girl levitating is strange and fairy like and especially inconsistent with the rest of the work. Still appreciate the quality. Just needs some editing. Not that you asked my opinion. GL

  2. @seam work thanks for your comment. I welcome the constructive criticism. All of your thoughts crossed my mind in creating this. I didn't focus on the season and the region as I wanted it to be about shorts and skirts. I also thought it works to show how you can transition your summer items into fall/winter. As for the last pic it was for dramatic effect at the end of the post. Really I just loved it way too much to omit it. Thank you so much for looking and taking the time to give me your thoughts. I know in doing this blog I am putting myself out there and I welcome and love the comments. Thank you so much. Cheers!
    xx dhv

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